Cost of Exit or End of Lease Clean- Bliss Housekeepers

Bliss Housekeepers Exit or End of Lease or preparation for House Sales.

Property Vacates or Exit or End of Lease Clean or Bond usually describe the same task. The cleaning costs are based on the amount of time it takes to complete the cleaning, therefore it is also dependent of the size (wall area), the age of the dwelling (the materials used in its construction) and it’s condition.

When you are moving rather than spending your weekend knee-deep in dust and grime, it makes sense to leave the demanding task in the hands of Bliss Housekeepers.

House Pre-Sale clean or Partial Exit Cleaning with Bliss housekeepers start from just $55 with additional hours as required for $35 per hour.

Accurate and realistic quotes are available upon inspection, at no cost, due to variables such as the number of venetian blinds or the number of air-conditioner unit etc.  However to assist with your comparative estimates, the following is provided for cleaning of an empty dwelling with the average size of a room dimensions approx 3m x3m;

1 bedroom with 1 bathroom Exit Clean can take between 3 to 5 hours.                                              2 bedrooms & 1 bathroom can take up to 8 hours.                                                                3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms may take up to 10 hours to clean.

The hourly rate equates to the work done by 1 professional cleaner per hour.

If you wish to remain within a set budget, Bliss Housekeepers are able to provide a full cleaning service or partial assistance. If you are doing the cleaning but require someone to do other chores such as oven cleaning or bathroom cleaning then Bliss Housekeepers are able to assist at an hourly rate.

Carpet Steam Cleaner and products is available for an additional $60 plus an allocation of approximately 15-20 minutes per room (3mx3m).

All Bliss Housekeepers Cleaning is documented and receipted for you, your Realtor or to meet your conditions of sale.  Photographs can also be made available.

If you wish to speak directly with Cleaners with Ethics at the Home & Office Cleaning Service or to the End of Lease Cleaner at Bliss Housekeepers

please Phone 0478 620 561