Good Housekeeping

Good Domestic Housekeeping

  • Bathrooms completely and thoroughly disinfected and scrubbed
  • Kitchens completely and thoroughly disinfected and scrubbed
  • Sinks thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and rinsed
  • Chrome fixtures cleaned and shined
  • Floors vacuumed/ swept and mopped
  • Walls wiped and cleaned/ marks removed
  • Hard to reach areas such as behind appliances and under furniture cleaned
  • Windows cleaned (accessible windows)
  • Air conditioner filters cleaned
  • Blinds cleaned
  • Pet hair removed and remains cleaned and disinfected
  • Inside and outside of cabinets cleaned and items placed back
  • Vanity top cleaned/Mirrors cleaned
  • Trash emptied
  • Vacuum and/or wash floors
  • Counter-tops and back-splashes cleaned (all items removed and replaced)
  • Exterior and interior of appliances cleaned (oven, microwave, dishwasher, stove-top, interior of refrigerator upon request)
  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, door-frames and switch plates
  • Dishes washed
  • Carpets vacuumed
  • Linens changed (notify office if more than one linen change is needed)
  • Linens washed (upon request)
  • Knick-knacks dusted
  • Windowsills cleaned
  • Vacuum under bed (if accessible)
  • Baseboards Cleaned
  • Door frames cleaned
  • Cobwebs cleared
  • Laundry folded and put away (if requested)
  • Thorough vacuuming of upholstered furniture
  • Organising of clothes drawers and closets (upon request)
  • Bookshelves (only upon request)
  • General tidy up

Brisbane Queensland

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Cleaning dirty surfaces, disposing of rubbish, dusting, vacuuming and ironing. Removal of cobwebs, lime scale, mould and unwanted bacteria. 


Heading up domestic maintenance, undertaking the chores that relate to the household management, We assist by take our instructions and direction from you to keep your home as neat, clean and tidy as you want it. $30 per hour for daily, weekly or fortnightly services.

Other Services

Rental, End of Lease cleans:

Moving out, End of Lease, Real Estate Exit and Bond cleans; if you are seeking full return of your bond, we can assist. 

Gardens, Patios and Weeding:

When you need a general tidy or an overhaul we are able to assist.

Home Maintenance:

We are available to do those jobs that are too hard to reach or too difficult for the not so young maintaining independent living options including fixing fly screens or rehanging doors.

Window Cleaning:

Helping with a clear view, cleaning windows or clear panels on the balcony or surrounding the swimming pool, professional cleaned with no streaks.

Commercial and Office Cleaning:

Nightly or weekly services including vacuuming and cleaning the amenities, bathrooms and kitchenettes. Helping to improve your workplace to its potential by providing clean personal hygiene facilities for your clients and colleagues. 

Telephone:     0478 620 561